Zion Lutheran Church

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!                         Please join us in person, or online, for Sunday Worship at 9 AM, followed by in person Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 10:30 AM.  Devotional Communion Service Saturday night at 6:00 PM                                                                                                                     


Circles of Friends

     Circles of Friends are close small group faith families forming friendships to support and encourage faith in each other’s lives.

     Small groups within a congregation—our brothers and sisters in Christ, the hypocritical, flawed, people in our church that God uses—provide support, encouragement, education and perceptions on life—perceptions in terms of the context of faith; perceptions that “put our reality into the perspective of God.”  

     Seven to eleven folks meet monthly to share nourishment, encouragement, and faithful discussions about life.  Each group finds what will work for them, and creates their personal Circle.

Contact [email protected] for more information.